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Some Testimonials

I have never seen anything like Webbersaur. This program gives you the freedom to change virtually anything on your website – keeping it fresh and interesting for repeat visitors. It is extremely easy and fun to use. Besides the Editor, one of the best features is the mailing list, which allows you an unlimited amount of networking between your business and your customers. The site is professional looking yet easy to navigate in, and Chris is always there to coach you through any technical questions you may have. I would definitely recommend this program to any business. Great guys to work with.

Duffys Tavern

Chris Walsch


An email from Teen Zone
Dear Chris,

I am not sure what to say, other than the fact I think you are awesome, the website is so easy to use, and that the results have been fantastic! Plus your service is phenomenal!

Victoria Taylor


Webbersaur.us recently redesigned the branfordpolice.com website. Chris Hauman was very helpful and always available to answer questions throughout the set up process. He continues to provide excellent support as our website evolves. What we like about the website is how user friendly it is which has given us the ability to update the website in house as opposed to relying on someone else to make a quick change. I would recommend webbersaur.us for any web project.

Please note, the Town of Branford updated their entire website in 2015 to include the BPD. This is a testimonial from 2010.

Kevin Halloran

Former Chief of Police, Branford

HAPPY CLIENTS! Need I say more?
As a marketing professional who strives to have the most complete integrated strategies for my customers, it’s a gift to have found a complimentary local web vendor that is willing to work with my ideas and help my customers create an affordable, uncomplicated web presence.

Overall Chris is just a nice guy. The kind of guy you WANT to do business with. Unlike most PC-hating, mountain dew drinking “web-guy” personalities Chris is kind, responsive, and personable. Chris has a very unique ability to communicate the most complicated of web jargon in a way that my clients do not feel threatened or intimidated. In other words, he doesn’t speak in acronyms and expect you to know what he’s taking about.

Webbersuar.us offers a web SOLUTION for small business. With a very easy-to-use content management system (that means you can edit your own website), my clients are able to quickly and painlessly update their websites DAILY, increasing organic search optimization rates and putting their websites to work for their business. SB Cre8tive clients using the Webbersaur.us product have an increased level of confidence about their computer skills and feel empowered to try new things such as email marketing and social networking sites. They are seeing the results of truly integrated strategies and they are having fun doing it.

I enjoy working with Chris on projects because I’m always learning something new and he is open to my ideas and feedback on ways to help grow my clients businesses. We’ve also has the opportunity to collaborate on a few local philanthropic projects that have resulted in a huge success for our community and our businesses. Giving back has helped us to expand our customer based and grow our businesses together.

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